As engineers we noticed that it is often time consuming to find technical parts. Our mission is to find all technical parts you’re looking for. On 12supply.com a crowd of field experts find suppliers that match your specific requirements. In a nutshell it works like this:

3-steps 12supply

It makes sense to work with 12supply.com, because working with experts can save you time and money. Anyone can use 12supply.com to source technical components. For technical experts¬†12supply.com is a smart way to earn money and help other engineers. We are always looking for new technical experts, so if you’re enthusiastic fill out the application and get started!

As soon as you don’t know a niche market by heart and the component is not standardized, it makes sense to ask experts to help you. And with a large group of experts, the chance that one of them knows the solution becomes a whole lot bigger. This is the idea behind 12supply.com.

Simple and fast ordering with 12purchase.com

12purchase is a service makes the purchasing process easy and efficient with non regular creditors like webshops. The process of ordering at webshops or new suppliers is often complicated or even not possible due to the required payment methods (Credit Card, Paypal, iDeal). The administrative traject is time consuming for the employee who wants to order a product, but also for the purchasing team. 12purchase offers a solution by taking over the complete process of ordering and payment. Read more