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Spare parts

  • Obsolete spindle bearings for a Bridgeport J-head milling machine
  • Tecumseh HM80 Flywheel, part nr. 610847 (bankrupt manufacturer)

Cost efficiency

  • We currently buy rod-end bearings with an inner diameter of 6mm. There is nearly no rotation and push-pull forces are limited to 400N. I offer $500 if someone finds a solution that meets the technical requirements and costs less than $4 a piece.

Development project

Problem description: wheel hub motor

wheel driven robot
For a recent development project an electric wheel hub motor for a logistics robot was required. Although many electric motors are available on the internet, we couldn’t find a solution that matched exactly the requirements. We found a company that could make custom motors for over 1000 Euro’s each, but this would increase costs of the end product too much. We also found very cheap motors from China, but we hesitated about the quality and reliability. We searched hours on the internet without satisfying result. We decided to specify our requirements on and let the crowd find a matching solution.


Request specification

For an indoors transport robot we require a wheel hub motor that has a price in the range of a few hundred dollars (<$400). The wheel is preferably already equipped with a rubber tire and has the specifications as mentioned in the table below.
Finder’s fee: 96 Euro if all individual requirements are met.

Specification Value Unit
Diameter 190±10% mm
Max speed >150 rev/min
Voltage 24 V DC
Power 75-100 W
Start Torque >10 Nm
Nom. Torque >6.5 Nm
Mass <8 kg
Special Features Incl. Rubber Tyre
Finder’s Fee 52 Euro
Deadline 2 weeks

Expert solution

Suppliers from a range of quality classes and regions have been found and contacted. The customer can make a selection based on preference .

Specification unit target value Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3
Diameter mm 190±10% icon-good 175 icon-good 203.2 icon-good 203.2
Max speed rev/min >150 icon-good 190 icon-good 174.5 icon-good 165.0
Voltage V DC 24 icon-good 12-60 icon-good 12/24/36 icon-good 36
Power W 75-100 icon-good 400 icon-good 100-300 icon-good 274.20
Start Torque Nm >10 icon-good 110 icon-good 13.27 icon-good 94.99
Nom. Torque Nm  >6.5 icon-good 24 icon-bad 6.3 icon-good 19.59
Mass  kg  <8 icon-good <6 icon-good 4.8 icon-good 4.8
Special Features  Including Rubber Tyre icon-good icon-good icon-good
micrometer goldenmotor  hubmotorcom
Supplier Micromotor AG Golden Motor Technology Co. Ltd Assembled Products Corporation
Corporate Website
Contact E-mail Contact Form
Phone  +41 61 264 62 62  –  800-548-3373
City Therwil Changzhou, Jiangsu Rogers, AR
Country Switzerland China USA
Product URL link link link
 Datasheet icon-pdf_smalldatasheet icon-pdf_smalldatasheet icon-pdf_smalldatasheet

Special tool – Find supplier for existing component

UNS 3/8 thread tapProblem description: 3/8″ – 28 UNS thread tap

A manufacturing company is producing aluminium casings for a remote machine controller. The client requires the use of 3/8″ UNS thread on several occasions to be able to detect if the case has been opened. The manufacturing company does not have the required tap and his known suppliers cannot deliver the tool. This is a typical “known part, unknown supplier” job and a finder’s fee of 24 euro is awarded in case the request is solved.


Request specification

We are looking for a UNS thread tap with the following specs. We need the tool within 10 days and it should be shipped to our office in the Netherlands. The tap will be used to tap 20mm deep threads in low-alloy aluminium, the tap material is not important, HSS is sufficient.

Specification Value Unit
Diameter 3/8 Inch
Thread type UNS
Threads 28 Threads/Inch
Quantity 20 Pcs.
Material HSS
Delivery Shipment to the Netherlands
Deadline Delivered <10 days
Finder’s fee 24 Euro

Expert solution

Several suppliers have been found and contacted, because of the special nature of this tool only one supplier had the taps in stock. They could deliver the taps from their UK warehouse within 3 days.

icon-pdf_smallSpecial taps catalog

Specification Value Unit
Diameter icon-good 3/8 Inch
Thread type icon-good UNS
Threads icon-good 28 Threads/Inch
Quantity icon-good 3 Pcs.
Material icon-good HSS
Delivery icon-good Shipment to the Netherlands
Deadline icon-good Delivered <10 days
Finder’s fee icon-good 30 Euro

Other clients, a successful dutch webshop for solenoid valves and other electrical valves.