icon-expert1 icon-expert2 icon-expert3 is the place where people outsource the searching of difficult-to-find technical parts. As a technical expert, is the perfect way to leverage your technical knowledge to earn money and help other people at the same time. Everytime you finish succesfully a request and the customer is happy, you receive your part of the finder’s fee. Typical experts are senior field experts, engineering master students, operational engineers, experienced technicians etc. To start as an expert, you first need to register with the platform.

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    It makes sense to ask experts to find technical parts. You can easily save time and money by leveraging the knowledge and skills of experts. For experts is a perfect way to help other people and earn money by leveraging technical knowledge at the same time.

    Who are the experts?

    Every technical specialist who enjoys helping other people is welcome. Good examples are senior engineers, experienced technicians, master-students, etc..

    The benefits for experts

    As the hired expert, you get 14 euros for a successfully solved request. Your fees are added to your Paypal account once the customer is happy and the request is closed.

    How does it work?

    As an expert you receive email notifications with requests within your field of expertise. You can apply to solve the request if you think you can quickly solve the problem.You’ll be in direct contact with the customer.