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It can be very hard to find the technical part that you need. Are you looking for a component or supplier? is the place where experts find the parts you need in exchange for a finder's fee.

Explain us what you're looking for and one of our engineers will contact you within 24 hours and let you know if and how we can solve your request.Try it now!

Experts is the place where finding technical parts is easy and efficient, because you outsource this task to experts.

For experts, it is the perfect way to leverage technical knowledge to earn money, while helping others at the same time. Every time a request is successfully completed, the expert receives the finder's fee.

How it works

We are specialized in the sourcing of technical components. Check our examples:

Development projects
Wheel hub motor for an industrial logistics robot.

A supplier for a 3/8″ – 28 UNS thread tap in the Netherlands.

Spare Parts
Obsolete spindle bearings for a Bridgeport J-head milling machine.